United Motor Trade Co. (UMT)

Who are we?

One of the leading companies in vehicle business, being the sole importer of Volkswagen, Audi, Skoda and Seat vehicles, the premium cars of the well-known German manufacturer... in addition to Cukurova heavy machinery; which is designed by the Germans and made by Turkish; United Motor Trade Co. came as a natural evolution for Jamal O. Masri Co., direct dealer for Volkswagen already before 1967, operative after the Israeli occupation of the Palestinian areas as dealer for the Israeli importer, till the breakthrough of the peace treaty 1994 and the establishment of the Palestinian National Authority (PNA).

United Motor Trade Co. is a family business, run by two brothers, Mr. Sameh and Mr. Muhannad Masri, who belong to the well-known Al-Masri Family. Al-Masri Family has strong relations with very powerful institutions, VIPs, Bankers, government and many others. Such relations managed to facilitate the business over the years.

Now, United Motor Trade Co. is maintaining the pole position in New Vehicle Sales sector with a market share of over 30% and in the after sales business, offering over 40 new vehicle models within its standard program, in addition to any private customer wishes concerning extra models and equipment, having over 2500 active customers and servicing over 1400 vehicles a month within its network. Our parts stores include over 13’000 line items, with stock value of around 2 million. $ And a service grade of around 90%.

Our daughter company, Jamal O. Masri, is representative of the world-known heavy machinery manufacturer LIEBHERR, and the well-known Truck manufacturer DAF, as well as the importer of Foton Tractors.

Future plans include establishing up-to-date new centers for sales and service reaching more and more customers.

Our strategic plans include the full control over vehicle business in the region through creating a strong group under which major Brands are represented covering all customer segments and trends.

What is our goal?

Knowing that our customer is most valuable to us, we aim at striving higher levels of customer satisfaction through the different services we offer, through a very personal and professional treatment, competitive staff and up-to-date utilities and equipment in addition to comprehensive offers covering all customer segments.

We emphasize on the quality offered both in services and original parts and the updated know-how. Even if a little bit costly, at the end more is less on the long run. Yet above all, we are very proud of the individual care and personal relationship which bonds us with our customers all the time.

What do we offer?

Inspired by our deep understanding for customer needs, we offer a wide range of services in both sales and after sales sector over a wide network of competent dealer- and branch-network with modern tools and equipment as well as on-line factory support.

Our sales services include trade-in, and financing. After sales services cover maintenance, trouble shooting, general repairs, Body and paint, on-line support, support through the Web, manufacturer warranty, original parts supply for both whole sales and retail business.

Due to our wide range of models and equipment from the basic, everybody’s appropriate vehicle to the extravagance, luxury vehicles, we managed to cover broad segments of potential customers and we look even for more.

Our Customers

Due to such approach, our customer basis gets wider and wider each day. To these belong VIPs, Government, NGOs, Taxis, companies, service companies, medical services, and private customers of all segments.

We made it our job, to satisfy this wide range of customers, each with different needs, and to offer them every thing beyond their expectations.