Every single customer is important to us.

The diesel campaign is about much more than just engines. It is about every single customer. That’s why we have so far successfully updated over six hundred thousand ŠKODA cars worldwide.

But we did not stop there. We have continued to develop, test and check. All of our technical measures have been approved by the Vehicle Certification Agency, United Kingdom after rigorous testing. This means we can implement the technical measure in each and every affected ŠKODA diesel engine.


For the majority of affected engine variants, the technical measure consists of a software update that incorporates the latest findings from ongoing development of the diesel combustion process in recent years by making changes such as an improved injection pattern. The pure labour time for this measure will be around half an hour.

Only for the 1.6-liter engines is it also necessary to fit what is called a flow transformer. The time needed for the implementation of the technical measures is less than one hour.

The relevant regulatory authorities have confirmed that application of the technical measures does not adversely affect fuel consumption figures, CO2 emissions figures, engine power, maximum torque or noise emissions. In addition to the intensive work done to confirm the measures within the Volkswagen Group, the authorities have also performed extensive independent tests, in some cases with the aid of external engineering service providers.

Affected customers can be sure that the technical measures will be successfully implemented. All figures relevant to vehicle type approval remain valid. This was a key precondition for approval of the technical measures by the authorities.

In many countries, every customer to have the technical measure performed on their vehicle will receive written confirmation to that effect after visiting the service centre.


All ŠKODA customers with vehicles, for which the technical measure has been approved, have already been invited to take part at the technical measure. If you wish to verify immediately, whether your particular vehicle is affected by the technical measure, please use our ‚VIN checker‘ tool accessible under the following link.

Should the ‘VIN checker’ tool confirm that your vehicle is affected by the technical measure, we would like to ask you to contact an authorized ŠKODA Partner and arrange an appointment as soon as possible.

The measure will take between 30 minutes and 1 hour depending on the scope of work and is naturally free of charge for you. We would like you to understand that the action may last slightly longer due to organizational reasons resulting from the operational processes. To avoid any inconveniences, ŠKODA will, if needed, provide you with adequate alternative mobility tailored to your needs for free for the implementation time of the measure.

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We thank you for your patience and loyalty towards our brand.