ŠKODA Service Cam – A digital service that will satisfy your growing expectations

Vehicle check per video is a transparent and most convenient option to support your decision.
Wherever you are and whatever you do, our service advisor can use a video to inform you about the technical condition of your vehicle and suggest the most appropriate solution.

You can decide at your convenience.
In today’s digital era, over 80% of our customers stay permanently online and you are used to communicating through your smartphone throughout the day. You may not always have enough time for a personal dialogue during vehicle reception; you may even consider a vehicle check to be a time-consuming and tiring chore. You want to be kept updated and stay informed about your vehicle. You demand that your workshop visit requires minimum effort and is as transparent as possible.

Benefits for you


This service gives you nearly “as good as being there” experience. A personalized video recording with detailed information will reach you on any device promptly, via text message or e-mail. You can thus decide online what to add to the work order and what not.

It is just as easy as that


Things you expect and are sure to appreciate

Transparent and understandable explanation
Traceability of repair needs and costs
Enough time to make a decision at your convenience
Feeling good and trust in your workshop

Anytime. Anywhere.

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